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“I believe everyone needs to review Mark Starr’s book. He has a vital message to share about the many people who do not realize they have low thyroid, because standard thyroid tests do not show it. Mark Starr’s dedication to research, and his devoted study with the old masters, have made him an international expert on thyroid and iodine.”

– Dr. Garry Gordon
Co-Founder of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM). Founder/President of the International College of Advanced Longevity (ICALM), and Board Member of International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA).

“This is an astonishing book revealing the cause and successful treatment for the plague of illnesses affecting Western civilization; including obesity, heart attacks, depression, diabetes, strokes, headaches, chronic fatigue and many more. His in-depth research and discussion of how environmental toxins can interfere with thyroid hormones is groundbreaking and enlightening for us all. Bravo Mark!”

– Robban Sica, MD, Diplomate of ABCMT and IBALM
(American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology and International Board of Advanced Longevity Medicine)

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Excerpts from the Book


By Thomas D. Boc, B.Sc., D.D.S.

You hold in your hands a book, which may well lead you to understanding more about your health and your illnesses than anything that you have ever read. This book is not just about thyroid disorders, but also about the environment in which we live and how that environment may be affecting your entire endocrine or hormone system. As you probably realize, your hormones control every aspect of your life from the ability to raise a family to how well you are able to handle stress without becoming ill or depressed.

This story is really very simple; we are living in an environment where thyroid disease has become an epidemic throughout our society. Unfortunately, this disease is not recognized by most family doctors or even by most specialists. Why? The average physician has virtually stopped physically examining their patients and listening to their medical history, and instead, relies on blood tests to determine their diagnoses. In the area of thyroid disease this approach has proven to be a disaster. The problem with many thyroid and endocrine disorders is that they may occur slowly over several decades. Many of the signs and symptoms of thyroid disease are often attributed to aging. In fact, thyroid disease accelerates the aging process. Most importantly, the thyroid gland is the master control center for the metabolic functions of every single cell in your body. Therefore, a problem with your thyroid gland or with the way thyroid hormones are utilized within the body will produce profound changes in every aspect of your life. Unfortunately, thyroid blood tests do not measure the ability of mitochondria (the small entity within the cell that produces energy) within your cells to use thyroid hormone, nor do they measure the degree to which your thyroid hormone is able to enter the cell to allow normal metabolism. Herein lies the problem with our modern medical approach to understanding thyroid disease.

My own family has been a casualty of this modern approach to caring for patients. I am an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with a background in molecular biology. I have been blessed with two wonderful daughters. From the time of my early childhood I suffered from chronic multiple allergies, chronic respiratory infections and severe hay fever. During the winter, I seemed to catch a cold every other month, and it took weeks for me to recover. During the summer, I also caught colds and took allergy medications continuously. When my daughters, Lauren and Allyson, were born they immediately began the same complex of symptoms and illnesses that I had suffered for more than four decades. Our doctors told us that lots of children have colds, and we should just watch the dust and pollen levels. I was also told to make sure I gave them antibiotics when their colds turned into sinus infections. For many years, that is exactly what I did with numerous trips to the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists to help manage their sinus and respiratory problems.

When I became a little older, another change occurred. I started getting very tired. I would come home after work, eat dinner, and sit on the sofa waiting for 9 PM to come so I could crawl into bed and sleep. I also noticed that I was always feeling cold. When the energy crisis occurred in our nation, I could not understand how anyone could possibly live with their thermostat set at 68 degrees. I complained about these symptoms to my doctor. He ordered multiple laboratory blood tests, including thyroid tests. He found that everything was “normal.” I told him to test again, since I was really not feeling well, and his reply was “you are simply aging.” This pattern went on for seven years. Each year I would go in for my annual check-up, telling my doctor that my symptoms were getting worse, and each year he would repeat all the blood tests and tell me “you are just getting older.” In year eight of this sequence, I diagnosed myself with a thyroid disorder since I now had 11 of the 15 common symptoms of the illness. I told my physician that I really didn’t care about his lab results, and I wanted to begin a trial of thyroid hormone. He told me it was not healthy or wise for me to “play” doctor. He reordered my lab tests; the results confirmed his position that I was fine. However, I knew I was NOT fine. By this time I had also gained about 40 lbs. that I could not exercise off due to my chronic fatigue, which seemed to get much worse when I tried to exercise. Clearly, in my view, I was going downhill with no end point in sight. My doctor told me, “Nothing is wrong and you need to accept the fact that a loss of energy is a part of aging and completely normal.”

Dr. Mark Starr was referred to my office for evaluation of a bone defect in his lower jaw. We discussed his problem at length and decided on a course of treatment. I asked him what kind of doctor he was, and he told me that his background included sports medicine and hormone disorders. I then asked him if he would listen to my history. On hearing my story, he told me I needed to come to his office for a complete evaluation, and he would try to help me. His approach was completely different. On my first visit to his office, he spent over an hour taking my medical history and the medical history of illness in my entire family. He was interested in the illnesses that my grandparents and parents had encountered. He explained that thyroid illness often has a genetic link. Dr. Starr also repeated the laboratory tests, but he explained that thyroid disease is often missed on lab tests, and my history and symptoms were far more important. He then told me to go home and to start taking my temperature each morning when I woke up and before I got out of bed. I came back the following week, showed him my morning temperatures, and he promptly told me my basal body temperatures were nearly two degrees below normal. He immediately started me on thyroid hormone medication.

Within three months, my fatigue had significantly improved. I noticed that my mental acuity was also much better. My chronic chilly feelings had disappeared. Up to that point, I had never realized that I had always felt cold. A few months later, the feeling of impending doom that I had experienced since childhood disappeared. To my amazement, I was feeling young again. At that point, I brought both of my daughters in for evaluation. They also needed thyroid hormone. Within just a few months, their colds diminished in intensity and duration. Their school attendance markedly improved, and one of my daughters noticed a significant improvement in her grades and academic performance. They both were more active and happy. Needless to say, I was astounded. My family and I were healthier than we had ever been.

I found that my happiness concerning my newfound health was mixed with anger toward the medical profession for the decades of suffering I had endured, for no other reason than my mistaken belief that my doctor knew more about my health than I did. My doctor ignored my symptoms and relied on his laboratory more than his brain to make a diagnosis. There are countless thousands of people who are in failing health because their doctors are not listening to what the patient is trying to tell them about their illnesses. They have been trained to rely on blood tests more than on the history and examination of the patient. Further deepening the problem is the almost universal loss of the family-doctor relationship, which gave the physician a built-in knowledge of the history and course of illnesses that came with the family. Thyroid disease has been well documented for decades, yet most physicians have a difficult time accepting that many of their patients with normal blood tests suffer from hypothyroidism. The literature in medicine is full of the answers doctors need to know; however, these papers go largely unread. Early responders are the small fraction (less than 10%) of the doctors who are able to implement a new idea and put it into practice in their office. So, even if every doctor read all the material concerning thyroid illnesses, only 10% would be ready to act on the knowledge. Since so few doctors have time to read the literature, is there any question why so few are able to diagnose thyroid disease. So what can you do?

The book you are holding in your hands will help you under-stand the nature and course of thyroid disorders. You will also learn about the chemicals and toxins that prevent normal levels of thyroid hormone in your blood from working properly. The future of your health and the health of your family may depend largely on the story that Dr. Starr has so clearly put forth in this book. You may find that a healthy future is literally being stolen from you by your genes and by the environment. This book will show you a path to restore the health you may have enjoyed as a child.

I hope you enjoy the journey.”

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Introduction To The Book

By Dr. Mark Starr

Never in the history of modern medicine has there been an epidemic of such proportion that has gone unrecognized. A well-described and easily treated disease has invaded the vast majority of our homes, wreaking havoc in ways the medical profession could never imagine.

Hypothyroidism is a disease that affects every aspect of our being, from fertility and conception to the grave. The severity and pervasiveness of this illness worsens with each successive generation. Few escape its clutches: heads of state, movie stars, athletes, doctors, blue and white collars alike.

I am a pain specialist. During my long quest for the answer to my own chronic pain, as well as my patients’, an unforeseen turn in the road resulted in a mind-boggling conclusion. Hormone problems, chiefly hypothyroidism, not only are responsible for many of our aches and pains but are also responsible for the majority of chronic illnesses found in modern society.

Almost everything addressed in this book was documented many years ago by a number of different doctors. A few attained renowned reputations, while others remain unsung heroes. They were all ahead of their time. Unfortunately, most of their work continues to gather dust in our medical libraries.

Breakthroughs in medicine, particularly changes in perspective, have always been difficult for doctors to accept. The simple concepts of hand washing, sanitation, and the germ theory were scoffed at.

Vaccinations were ridiculed, and anesthesia was denigrated for decades. The irrefutable evidence put forth in this book continues to be dismissed, due to the conservative nature of medicine and its entrenched dogma, which is self-perpetuating.

It was my privilege to study with two medical pioneers from the last century, Hans Kraus M.D. and Lawrence Sonkin M.D., Ph.D. Before his retirement, I asked Dr. Sonkin why his research papers on hypothyroidism had not been published in mainstream medical journals. He responded, “Because I sat in the Ivory Tower with the Mavens.” Mavens are self-proclaimed experts who, in this instance, use their influence to shape the practice of medicine. Dr. Sonkin’s colleagues chose not to publish his research. As is true for the human species in general; money, power, ego, and a large dose of luck profoundly influence our lives and steer the course of medical thinking.

More than one hundred different symptoms may be associated with hypothyroidism. Gradual progression or worsening of symptoms often occurs over many years. This insidious nature of onset, as well as the myriad possible symptoms, has made hypothyroidism difficult for doctors to diagnose. Many decades of progress have been squandered on a plethora of misleading thyroid blood tests. This book will show why these blood tests completely fail to detect Type 2 hypothyroidism.

Problems such as frequent infections, fatigue, anxiety, constipation, skin problems, feeling cold, depression, loss of concentration, menstrual irregularities, obesity, weakness, hypoglycemia, chronic pain, headaches, premature or delayed puberty and menopause, and hyperactivity (ADHD) are only a sampling of possible symptoms. Long-term complications, including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, as well as an increased risk of developing cancer, diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s are attributable to the epidemic of hypothyroidism. Many more symptoms will be elucidated and discussed.

Today’s patients suffering Type 2 hypothyroidism must be treated much more judiciously than those patients from the early twentieth century. Please refer to Chapter 9 (Treatment) prior to initiating hormone therapy.

Proper recognition and treatment of hypothyroidism would prevent much of our illness and suffering. Many millions of lives can be changed for the better and astronomical medical expenses spared if the proposals put forth in this book are accepted.

In submitting this text, the facts, references, and data that will be presented show a convincing picture of an epidemic that has spread across Western Civilization and gone largely unrecognized by the mainstream medical community. Perhaps you will be one of the many people who read this book and take charge of your health by finding a physician who will take the time to listen to your history and examine you clinically to make the diagnosis, instead of making a decision about hypothyroidism based solely on a laboratory test.

This book is a compilation of the overwhelming evidence that not only is the modern laboratory testing used to diagnose hypothyroidism completely inadequate, but the current treatment for the illness is equally lacking in efficacy.”

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