Ryan Turnock

In the fall of 2010, I had decided to try and re-live my youth by participating in an adult recreation kick ball league. I hadn’t played any type of competitive active sports since my early 30’s, because of a nagging hamstring injury that has lingered since high school football. At this time I was 42, and feeling like I was in fairly decent shape due to considerable hiking and time spent in the gym. I was asked to fill in one night because the team was short of players, after some thought, I decided to go ahead and play. I would just have to make sure and stretch well before playing. That evening went well and they asked my wife and I to join the league full time, so we agreed.

The season was going well, and I was having no issues with my leg. But, as time went on, the competitive juices started flowing, and in that environment, I typically do not have a half speed, it is either all or nothing. Well, needless to say, 42 is not 18! I was running to 1st base, and the play was going to be close, so I went to give that extra boost, and then it happened, my right hamstring contracted like a ball, then snapped. I dropped face first on the spot like I had just been shot! I had never felt anything so painful. So, that leads me to my first introduction to Dr. Mark Starr.

Fortunately, my wife had been seeing Dr. Starr for thyroid treatments, but she had informed me that he also specialized in sports medicine, and she by chance had an appointment scheduled the next morning, which she graciously gave up for me to see him. After an examination, he was able to locate the spot of the injury, and where the muscle was torn. He recommended the treatment that he would like to proceed with, and we agreed. As he began the treatment, he had asked if I had injured that leg before, and I told him I had back in high school. He then told me that is why it snapped again due to all of the scar tissue it had never had an opportunity to heal properly. He continued with the series of shots into the affected area to break up all of the scar tissue to allow more blood flow to the affected area. He explained to me that this would start the healing process.

After the initial treatment, Dr. Starr had me come back for therapy to help re-build the muscle. This would consist of I believe 6 – 8 sessions of, for lack of a better term, electric shock therapy. He hooked me up to a machine that seemed dated, but was extremely effective. It would contract and release the muscle to start working it back into shape. He also had me doing some light stretching and exercises.

After the treatments and therapy my leg felt better than it ever has, and to this day I still have not had any issues. I will say, age caught up with me, so I have hung up my kick ball cleats, but I will always be thankful for the treatment that Dr. Starr gave me. It is nice to be able to hike and light jog, without fear of injury.

Thanks again Dr. Starr,

Ryan Turnock

About markstarr

Dr. Starr is a medical doctor who specializes in integrative medicine, pain, hormones, and the prompt rehabilitation of acute and chronic sports injuries. He utilizes a wide array of alternative methods that allow the body to heal itself naturally. These methods include desiccated thyroid, bio-identical hormones, nutrition, homeopathics, trigger point injections, Hans Kraus’ protocols and exercises, Tennant Biomodulator, low-intensity lasers, and other energetic modalities. Dr. Starr’s progressive approach to alternative medicine offers cutting-edge therapies designed to accelerate the healing of hypothyroidism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, Candidiasis, arthritis, sprains, strains, and fractures.

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